Blueprint to sell Your San Diego Home for Top Dollar in 2024!

I've personally sold over 1000 homes with this plan. Download and sell yourself or collaborate with me, starting at 1%. 
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Listing Traditionally "the Old Way"

❌  Agent assures you it will sell but has no written guarantees or consequences. 

❌  You're locked into a long-term contract. 

❌  The Agent does their best Houdini impression and disappears. 

❌ You Pay a 5% or 6% commission even if you find the buyer. 

❌ There's no buzz about your home and the showings fizzle out. 

❌  Uncertainty about your home selling and the price. 


George Lorimer's Blueprint to 1000 Closings

✅  Your home will be sold in 29 days, or I'll pay your $2900 at the close of escrow.

✅  Easy Exit Listing - you're happy, and I'm doing my job, or you fire me and pay nothing.

✅  Communication Guarantee daily callbacks and weekly updates, or I pay you up to $500.

✅  1% Commission Option*. You find an unrepresented buyer, and I do the paperwork.

✅  New Listing Launch - Coming Soon Advanced Online Marketing & Mega Open House. 

✅  Certainty - Your Home Will Be Sold Guaranteed, or We'll Buy It!*

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