Home Supply Up, Buyer Demand Down

George Lorimer
Friday, July 29, 2022
Home Supply Up, Buyer Demand Down

Your Home Sold Guaranteed, or I'll Buy It!*

Call George at 619-84-1244 and start packing. 

San Diego Inventory is up 47% from last year. However, buyer demand is down 38% from last year (see chart below). 

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For 1000 homes - check out these dynamics of the current housing market:
  • 2021 - 1000 homes available = 1000 homes sold. Prices up. 
  • 2022 -1470* homes available = 620* homes are selling;
  • What will happen to prices? 
So if you're thinking of selling, call me today before we go into the fall season. Call/Text George at 619-846-1244 or Schedule a free call.


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