Sell by owner or with George

George Lorimer
Monday, December 4, 2023
Sell by owner or with George

Is commission an investment or a cost? 

Ask yourself this question...

How can you get the top price without doing the things that cause it to sell at that price? 

How can you lose weight when you eat ice cream every day?

How can you get rich when you squander your money? 

Back to selling your home. Homes by owner sell for 23% less* than those sold by agents/realtors and based on the median-priced home sold by a realtor in the US. NAR report 2022. 

The bottom line is you'll make more money when you work with George Lorimer or cancel the listing and pay nothing. 

It makes sense that you'll sell for more when you have someone professionally market your home (listing/seller agent) and pay another person a commission to bring a buyer (buyer agent).

I know what you're thinking: you want to sell your home at the realtor's price on the open market but don't want to pay a listing/marketing or a buyer's agent fee. 

First of all, nobody wants to pay the fee! Most consumers realize commission or selling fees are an investment to make more money. It's no secret. 

Consider this - It's like selling a shirt at a garage sale and being surprised it doesn't sell for as high a price as at Nordstrom. Now, you may get lucky, but most of the time, you'll sell your home for 23% less if commissions cost 5-6%. You're still leaving 17-18% on the table and doing all the work yourself.

That's why people hire brokers, auctioneers, and headhunters from employees/employers because they create more value than you could on your own. 

Even after paying a service fee or commission, you will make more money in your pocket even after paying the fee. Not to mention, it saves you time, protects you, gives you peace of mind, and ensures things are done properly, and nothing comes back to bite you.

We offer a guarantee that we will sell your home at your price or higher, or we will pay you the difference!* 

We sell homes for a higher price. You can sell by owner and save the commission, or sell with us and net more money. '

Again, the commission/marketing fee is your investment to sell for a higher price so that you'll net more money.

By now, you may be thinking, I will just sell to a cash investor and not deal with the hassle. On average, they take a 25% discount from the market value, so you're worse off than selling by owner. 

Call me today. We have an equity saver program where commissions start as low as 1%, and you'll be happy with our service or cancel and pay nothing. George Lorimer at 619-846-1244

If you still decide to go by the owner, get this free report - 10 steps to sell for top dollar. 

For example, if comps were $720,000 to $775,00...

by Owner, $596,750, 23% less

w/ George, $728,500, 5% Fee + 1% Escrow/title

Make MORE $$$ Working W/ George $131,750

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth

*Source 2023 NAR Buyer/Seller report, for sale by owner, the median price is 23% lower than a broker-listed property.

George Lorimer, ProWest Properties, DRE#01146839

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