Majority of San Diego homeowners and agents overlook THIS… Doing so could be hazardous to your bank account

George Lorimer
Thursday, May 23, 2024
Majority of San Diego homeowners and agents overlook THIS… Doing so could be hazardous to your bank account

What statistics do 90% of San Diego homeowners and agents overlook when pricing their homes?

Overlooking THIS could potentially jeopardize the sale of your home, preventing you from getting YOUR DESIRED PRICE.

You've considered comps, received an agent's value estimate, and even looked at online estimates.



What are you forgetting? What may jeopardize your home sale?

COMPETING HOMES that could be less than the online estimate and comps.

There are homes for sale in your neighborhood that your potential buyer will consider. Don't automatically assume they will pick your home.

Some homes are very similar, some a little better, and others a little worse.

It is critical to know ALL competing homes, new construction, townhomes, and the speed of the market.

Consider ALL of the buyers' alternatives. They could buy a home, a condo, or a townhome in your area or the surrounding neighborhoods.

What's My Home Worth?

For example, if I were buying a car, I might consider a Camry or an Accord. But then a Lexus may be $10K more, but it is a better value because I get a lot more car for a little more. That's how buyers look at things.

How specific do you need to be?

Start general and get granular. Think of it this way: If a buyer is going out this weekend looking for homes, how can your home be:

  1. Shown
  2. Get an offer

The serious buyer should think, "I'll lose this house if I don't make an offer now."

This pricing strategy creates multiple offers or a bidding war on your home.

If you'd like the same strategy that's helped 1000+ San Diego clients sell their homes, call or text me at 619-846-1244. I'll send it for free and with no obligation.

Have a great Memorial Day. If you want to chat or meet, I'm working and just a call or text away. We offer commission specials to drum up additional business for Spring and Summer. Thanks, George Lorimer 619-846-1244

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