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Are You Tired Of Making Almost Nothing on Your Rental Property Equity?

Keep reading for the simple solution on how to make 200%-500% CASH FLOW in 3 easy steps.

Many Californians don't realize that other states are landlord-friendly and yield much higher returns! You've made a lot of sacrifices and deserve the highest returns. It was ok getting no cash flow when prices were soaring, but they can't go up forever. 

Are you starting to realize that trading appreciated real estate for monthly CASH FLOW is the solution?
The problem is that it is nearly impossible to do this in San Diego. 

Low/under-market rent, high fees, increasing property taxes, water, maintenance, vacancy, property manager, and increased expenses. No wonder you're not making much profit. 

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Imagine acquiring MULTIPLE properties where the price is low, and the rent is high. 

Income Property CASH FLOW (IPCF) provides the following services complimentary to see if this is right for you:

1. Analysis of your current property - Current market value and rent survey
2. Cash Flow Options outside of CA
3. Assist you on a 1031 tax-deferred exchange

Complete the form to get your FREE Analysis of your property and Cash Flow Options outside of California. 

Or call George Lorimer at 619-846-1244. Everything is confidential – we will not contact the tenant nor the property manager.
Here's an example of possible cash flow from outside of California. 
Location Cash on Cash Equity ROI
CALIFORNIA $450/mo $250,000 2.16%
GEORGIA $1250/mo $250,000 6.00%
Difference  $800/mo  $9600/yr. 3.84%

Benefits of Income Property Cash Flow (IPCF)
•    Increase your Cash Flow up to 500%
•    No up-front cost 
•    We help you acquire the up-leg purchase with a licensed agent in that state. 
•    100% satisfaction or cancel the listing

Stop making only a few dollars per month. Make 200%-500%* more income. In Just 30 Days, you can be on the way to more cash flow. 

Complete the form to get your FREE Analysis of your property and Cash Flow Options.

Or call George Lorimer at 619-846-1244.

* This is an example only, not guaranteed. George Lorimer is a licensed real estate broker in San Diego, CA. 1031 tax-deferred exchanges have requirements. Please discuss with your attorney and tax professional before making any decisions. ProWest Properties. DRE# 01146839. **The $700 1031 tax-deferred exchange applies to clients that list the San Diego property with George Lorimer and work with the referred real estate agent in other states. Real estate investment has risk and none of the income or return is guaranteed.