Smart San Diego homeowner uses this 3 step strategy
to sell their home for $135,000 more than their neighbors! 

Implement this strategy you'll be happy & rich. Don't implement this and you'll be pissed off.

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How do we know it works? 
I've helped 1000+ San Diego families buy/sell, and my system works for sure.  This strategic home sale package shows you exactly how we SOLD the Walkers' home for $1.435 million. That's $135,000 over their asking price! Why this matters to you is it will give you a blueprint to follow to get the same results.

We routinely help our customers sell and net $25,000-$50,000 more than their neighbors. In contrast, most agents only sell 3-4 homes per year, and their clients don't make tens of thousands of dollars more than the asking price.

Do we underprice our listings? 
Nope, the Zillow estimate was lower than the asking price. Zillow $1.292 mil, Asking $1.3 mil, Sold $1.435 mil. See the video below. It's actual footage of the home I sold for $135,000 over the asking price. I used my Strategic Home Sale to create an "AUCTION EFFECT" and a "BIDDING WAR."

YOU CAN DO THE SAME WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME! But you have to know 'what to do.' To learn 'what to do' to create a "BIDDING WAR" on your home, get your Strategic Home Sale package today. To get your FREE copy, fill out the form. 

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