How Does Our Home Trade-In Program Work? 

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Buy this home now, and sell your home later.*

Sellers want a buyer who doesn't have a home to sell. To solve this problem, I've developed the Guaranteed Sale Program. Also know as my Trade-In Program.  

Here's how it works, we’ll make an offer on your current home at a guaranteed price, which we’ll pay when you’re ready to move.

This allows YOU to be a non-contingent buyer and make an offer on a home. This means no home sale contingency, and your current mortgage payment won't be counted against your qualifying for the new loan. 

Once your offer is accepted, your old home will be listed for sale and placed on the market. 

Once we get an offer that's higher, you keep the extra money above the guaranteed price. 

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*conditions apply. 

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Why is George Lorimer’s Guaranteed Sale superior to other cash offers, investors, ibuyers?  

  1. It makes you a non-contingent buyer.
  2. You always get the highest offer.
  3. You can cancel it if your plans change.

Chances are we’ll sell your home in the open market to an outside buyer willing to pay you the highest price for your home. The process is similar to a typical sale with our built-in guarantee of a minimum price you can expect, and this program allows you to buy as a non-contingent buyer. 
In contrast, other cash buyers give you lowball offers. Then, they sell your home on the open market and keep your equity. With George Lorimer’s Guaranteed Sale, you are in the driver’s seat, and if it sells for more money, you make more.

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