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How YOU can sell your home now?
How YOU can get a loan?
How to get your hands on the STIMULUS FUNDAGE?

The best thing about this rebroadcast is you can fast forward to the part that you like.

Part 1 - Economy - GDP, and the stimulus package (minute 1-15).
Part 2 - Skipping your loan payments, and unintended consequences (minute15-33).
Part 3 - The impact on the San Diego real estate market and your home value. (minute 33-54, & questions).

Watch this rebroadcast from your phone or computer at your own schedule.
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You'll Learn:

• Various methods for creating an emergency fund
• How the $2T stimulus package may help you with cash flow
• Government programs to defer mortgage payments
• Best practices to keep you safe from the virus

The good news is that the real estate industry moves at a much slower pace than the stock market.
If you are considering refinancing or selling a property, you still have time to prepare yourself and avoid a loss of equity.

George Lorimer
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