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George Lorimer sold this property in 8 Days. It was previously listed for sale 177 days with a different agent and didn't sell (listing expired). George marketed the home at the same price it was listed at before. To seller your home doesn't always require a price adjustment, sometimes it is marketing, staging, showing, negotiation. Call us today for your free report, recorded message: 1-800-611-1530 ID#1012 How to sell a home that should have sold the first time.

Michael Day had his property listed for 177 days with another agent and didn't sell. George Lorimer and his team listed his property at the SAME ASKING PRICE and it SOLD in 8 Days, with multiple offers. CALL George today and Start Packing 619-846-1244.

"George and his team successfully sold my home with his 29 day Guarantee,for over 97% asking price. My home was listed with another agent for months,expired and didn't sell. George and his team guaranteed the price and sold my home in under 29 days. I would recommend George and his team to anyone who wants to sell their home fast, for top dollar and with the least hassles". -Kevin Walsh, San Diego, CA

"I would recommend George Lorimer and his team to sell your home and buy your new home." -Doug Marker

"George and Team, thank you for doing a great job on selling my home. You sold it for $5001 over asking price, in 6 days, with multiple offers, and saved me money on repairs." Lynette Dewey, April 2014

"We are thrilled with George. He helped us sell our home and find our dream home!" -Heather Marker

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