How not to price your San Diego home

George Lorimer
Thursday, April 4, 2024
How not to price your San Diego home
Compare these two pricing strategies from a buyer's perspective, not from a seller who is thinking, "My home is nicer," "I need this money," "I spent X thousand dollars fixing it up," etc.

Considering a buyer's perspective is essential because that is who will buy your home. Buyers buy the best deal in my 1000+ San Diego home sold career. That means the buyer will purchase the excellent value and remodel even if another home is nicer but more expensive.  

Check out the quick video below. 

With strategy #1, you disregard what is on the market and what buyers have paid for SIMILAR homes. You focus on the highest comp and add your upgrades to that price. The result is a home that could be thousands of dollars more than competing homes.

The unintended consequence is that you get very few showings and no offers because buyers perceive your home as OVER-PRICED, and the seller is not serious or realistic. 

Alternatively, with strategy #2, you compare the most similar homes and what you're competing with (ACTIVE Homes) instead of just 1 SOLD COMP from 90-180 days ago. More relevant and current data so that you can make a pricing decision. 

Strategy #2 is how I have created an AUCTION Effect and a bidding war on many of my client's homes, which results in thousands of dollars more when they sell.* Results vary. 

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