San Diego home inventory up 65% Now Pricing Matters-Bigtime

George Lorimer
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
San Diego home inventory up 65% Now Pricing Matters-Bigtime
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The number of available San Diego homes is up 65% from a year ago. Does that mean prices are dropping? Hardly.

However, the increased competition for homes highlights the fact that the home price you pick affects your bottom line.


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If you price it too high, you'll make less. If you price it right or under the market, you can make 4-7% more. This is $40,000 - $72,000 more or less in your pocket.

A new report has been released showing that if you overprice your home and it doesn't sell for over 60 days, you make $72,000 less than if you had priced it right and sold it in the first ten days.


If you think of selling a home as a baking recipe, overpricing your home is like overcooking it. Once you do it, there's no going back!


Another startling fact is that 52% of San Diego homes are sold in the first ten days. On average, they sell for 102.6% of the asking price.

You're smart and will price it right based on sales and online data.


Maybe, but the smartest people, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and accountants, choose one or two data points and get stuck on them.

Pricing your home is an art and a science. It is not as simple as it seems because we are all biased and think our homes are better.

Most of us are emotional and need the money, so if it sells for less than we expect, it is very emotionally draining.


You know that there are many data sources, but we pick the Zillow/Redfin or online estimate that confirms our house is worth more. To help you maximize your price, I use my 20+ years of experience in marketing, fixing up your home, and then home value systems.

Not just Zillow, Redfin, and the MLS; we have seven other pricing tools, so we dial in your price. Call/text George at 619-846-1244 to sell for top dollar.

0-10 days 102.6%

11-30 days 98.7%

31-60 Days 97.1%

61+ days 95.4%


George Lorimer, 619-846-1244, Your home SOLD Guaranteed or I'll Buy It!*

DRE# 01146839, ProWest Properties, *Conditions apply, Source: reporters on housing May 2024 Sales San Diego MLS. 

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